Aluminium is an exciting construction material with numerous benefits and an almost unlimited number of applications. The material has a low weight (just one third that of steel) and is therefore highly suitable in, for example, transport vehicles. It is very strong and does not rust. It has excellent thermal conductivity, and the same goes for its electrical conductivity, actually twice as good as copper. Aluminium is easy to shape and machine, and it is also easy to join together. The material’s density makes it very suitable for packaging.


Aluminium’s versatility means that it can replace many other materials. As it is easy to work with, the start-up costs for production are low, which in turn produces low investment costs for new products. In other words, aluminium is a smart and cost-effective alternative.


Aluminium is particularly suitable for recycling. The energy consumed in recycling entails a saving of up to 95 per cent compared with the amount required to manufacture aluminium from bauxite. And at the same time a very high degree is recycled.

At Klarvik, we recycle all waste and in principle only use recycled aluminium in our production. This makes aluminium a material for the future.

KLARVIK – aluminium the Småland way

Klarvik AB is a total supplier of aluminium components. We cover everything from design to material procurement, processing, finishing, logistics and quality. Klarvik gives you a stable partner all the way.